Baylor University: Mandatory vaccines for faculty, staff, and student employees

WACO, Texas – Baylor University is requiring vaccines for faculty, staff, and student employees by next semester.

The university says this decision comes after President Biden required all organizations that receive federal contracts to be vaccinated by January 18th.

According to the university, the current fully vaccinated rate is 91 percent for faculty, 87 percent for staff, and the overall student body is nearly 80 percent fully vaccinated.

When it comes to mandatory vaccines in general students told FOX 44 their thoughts.

“A lot of people have already been vaccinated anyways. I feel like in order to ease up on other COVID restrictions that having a mandatory mandate for fully vaccinated people will help with that,” Student KJ Burkley said.

The university announced the new requirement in an email saying they are complying with Biden’s Executive Order 14042, which applies to public and private universities involved or in close proximity of federal contracts.

Baylor University said in a statement:

“The purpose of the campus notification was simply education at this time, given the pending January deadline,” Cook said. “An overwhelming majority of Baylor’s faculty and staff have already been vaccinated. President Biden’s executive order has been challenged legally by several states, including Texas, and it would be premature to discuss any specific compliance measures.”

“I’m personally vaccinated. Honestly, I believe if you don’t want to be vaccinated then you shouldn’t go get vaccinated because you don’t know what’s going to happen in the future,” student Assoah Ndomo said.

The university did emphasize they do not anticipate this action from the entire student body. The campus notification was sent to student employees only.

Written by BrenShavia Jordan

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