Texas ranked in places most stressful to buy a home

Some communities, cities, and states are more stressful to buy a home than others, a new study shows.
source Avi Waxman

If you’re looking for a new home, you’re likely to have a less stressful experience in Illinois, Michigan and Texas than Missouri. According to a new study, the Show-Me State is a more stressful state to look for a home than the other three.

Your stress level in Texas and Michigan will likely be lower than Illinois. The Lone Star State came in at a 33.3% stress level and the Great Lakes State came in at 34.8% stressful. The Land of Lincoln topped out at 36.3% stressful while the state where you’ll find the boyhood homes of Mark Twain, J.C. Penney and Walt Disney came in at 39.2% stressful.

The study was put together by HouseFresh and analyzes property-themed tweets from Twitter to determine a city and state’s likelihood of a stress level. A list of terms related to moving houses was built and pulled tweets including these terms, using the Twitter API. The location of users was used to identify the city, state and country, and excluded areas outside of the US. The language analysis tool TensiStrength was used to classify whether a tweet was stressed or not.

The proportion of stressed tweets were calculated for every city and state to create an overall ranking, and reveal the top 10 most and least stressful. The data was collected in July, August and September 2021.


Washington came in at 42.8%, making it the most stressful state across the land. As for the least stressful state, South Dakota at 19.2%.

Cities were individually analyzed, too. The most stressful city in Illinois, Michigan, Texas or Missouri is Lincolnshire, Illinois located north of Chicago, at 62.5%. Flint, Michigan is the most stressful city for home buyers in the state as it came in at 58.3%. The hometown of President Harry S. Truman, Independence, Missouri is also 58.3% as the most stressful city in the Cave State. And Midland, Texas is the most stressful city in the state that’s given the good ol’ US of A three presidents.

If you’re the “King of the Road” and your destination is Bangor, Maine, find a way to relieve your stress, because the study finds the popular Northeast destination to be very stressful at 70%. The least stressful city, Chantilly, Virginia, located west of Washington, D.C., at 2.3%.

Written by Dominic Genetti

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