Families lay wreaths at Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery

KILLEEN, Texas — Families and loved ones gathered at the Central Texas State Veterans cemetery for the 13th annual wreath laying.

People come from all over the U.S. to honor their fallen soldiers and veterans who can’t be with them during this holiday season. 

Cyd West is the treasurer of Wreaths for Vets and has been working on this project since it’s inception. 

“Although its beautiful and very symmetrical, the grass is brown when you leave and it has a beautiful green wreath in the resting palace, even in the columned area,” she said. “It really warms your heart, and you can imagine how it would feel if it were personal to you.” 

Over 12,000 wreaths were laid on Saturday and there are on average 1000 more gravestones added to the cemetery each year. 

“Each stone represents a lifetime of service in our nation, going far beyond their time in uniform,” deputy commander Steven Gilland said. “It represents the support of 1000s of military families. As well as the sacrifice and the grieve they too have endured over the years.”

The wreaths will be at the gravestones through the holidays.

Written by Matt Lively (KCEN)

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