Bosque County: Police rescue man crying for help after vehicles goes up in flames

WACO, Texas (KWTX) – Police in Bosque County are being praised for helping a crash victim in distress.

Bosque County Sheriff’s deputies and Clifton PD officers responding to a single-vehicle wreck in the early morning hours Wednesday on S. Highway 6 and CR 4270 heard a voice calling for help.

Dash cam video provides a glimpse of the seriousness of the rescue where a man, audibly in great pain, cries for help.

“I got you brother, I got you,” a law enforcement officer is heard yelling. “Come on, we gotta go!”

According to Sheriff Trace Hendricks, the vehicle involved in the crash was fully engulfed in flames, and when responding officers searched the area they found a man lying in a ditch and quickly moved him to a safer location and got him airlifted to a hospital.


Hendricks is commending the life-saving actions taken by law enforcement.

“The actions of Sgt. Hardy, Deputy Yates and assisting CPD officers Woosley and Barron most definitely are to be commended as they placed their own lives in harms way in order to save this crash victim,” said Hendricks. “I am both proud and honored to have these men to work alongside in Bosque County.”

The victim’s condition is unknown.

“We extend our prayers to the victim, that he may fully recover from his injuries as a result of this tragic accident,” said Hendricks.

Written by Rissa Shaw

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