One arrested for injuring Waco officer during 2020 police funeral procession

Police have arrested Jelani James for aggravated assault after a Waco police officer was injured in November of 2020.

On Nov. 25, 2020, an officer conducting a police funeral escort crashed into James’ vehicle after the 35-year-old tried to cut through the procession. The crash occurred at the intersection of Corporation Pkwy and Crosslake Dr.

“At that same time a Waco PD officer was traveling through this intersection on their police motorcycle, conducting the funeral escort,” said Waco police. “It was then that the officer crashed into the car that James was driving.”

James was arrested on Tuesday, for the aggravated assault indictment that was issued in May of 2021.

“Since the incident the officer on the motorcycle has since been recovering from his injuries,” said Waco police.

Shortly after the crash, another Waco PD officer was involved in a separate collision at the intersection of South 18th Street and Clay Avenue. The officer was responding to the crash involving the first officer.

Written by Khadeeja Umana

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