Howard Hughes Corp. revises development plan for East Shore island, officially names it Aria Isle

The bridge connects the East Shore community to the island on Lake Woodlands. (Courtesy Howard Hughes Corp.)

The Howard Hughes Corp. announced updated residential plans for the island at East Shore on Nov. 19. According to a news release from Howard Hughes, the newly named Aria Isle at East Shore will consist of 25 single-family detached homes on Lake Woodlands, ranging from a half-acre to over 1 acre.

The revised development plan shows a reduction in the number of homes slated for development on Aria Isle at East Shore. In October 2020, Howard Hughes announced a development plan for the island including up to 30 single-family detached homes, according to the release. Aria Isle is planned to be a gated, high-end development.

“We are excited to share with the community our plans for the new residences located on Aria Isle at East Shore,” said Heath Melton, executive vice president of residential development for the Howard Hughes Houston region, in the release. “In keeping with our long-standing commitment to the preservation of our natural environment, we envision Aria Isle to be the heart of Lake Woodlands.”

Howard Hughes is expected to set aside dedicated green space on the island for the American bald eagles, which have frequently visited the island while hunting in Lake Woodlands. According to the release, eagles in The Woodlands have fledged over 30 eaglets since 2000 with one of the more popular, longtime nesting sites located within the nearby 79-acre, mixed-use development of Hughes Landing.

Written by Ally Bolender

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