PNG JV player Noah Jackson set to come home from hospital

PORT NECHES — PNG JV player Noah Jackson is set to return home Monday from Texas Children’s Hospital where he’s been recovering from a traumatic brain injury.

Noah, 15, was hurt in October in a helmet to helmet hit during a kickoff.

His mom. Kim. and the entire family as well as friends, thank the community for the tremendous outpouring of support.

They plan a parade Monday for his return. See KFDM Facebook for details.

From Kim Borne – SHARE SHARE SHARE!!!!!

Praise the Lord!!! Ladies and gentlemen, Noah is coming Home!!! Tomorrow is the Day!!! Monday November 22nd we will hold our Thanksgiving #41 Homecoming party for Noah!!! Please arrive in plenty of time before 6!! Bring Posters, signs, and anything purple and please wear your #41 shirts if you have them!!! Let’s flood the streets and parking lot of PNG high school with people and purple! I’m sorry it’s short notice, but we had to wait for Doctors orders before solidifying anything!! All the details remain the same except it will be Monday instead of Tuesday!!



Parade route for Noah’s arrival.

Date – Monday Nov. 22nd

Time – 5pm to 6pm

Location – The entire PNG high school perimeter!! Merriman, both parking lights on each end of school, and the road behind the stadium!!! Thank you!!

Details – From 5pm-6pm everyone arrives and gets in place. Please try and be there early so we can get good photos of the crowd. We also want everyone to take as many photos as possible to send in to him and share with everyone on fb. Thank you!


– Please do NOT park in the blocked off area of the Stadium Parking Lot.

– We want everyone to find a spot on the sidewalk or roads surrounding the High School!! (Just like y’all were attending a parade). Find a parking spot and walk to the edge of the road surrounding please. Both sides of the road is completely acceptable!! PLEASE DONT LEAVE ANY EMPTY SPOTS. If you see a void and y’all are around a Huge Crowd, try and spread out.

When Noah comes home they will drive this route exactly.

– They will start at the corner of Meriman and the parking lot for the stadium, and head down in front of the school until they reach the corner of the Gymnasium. (After turning left at the Gym, we would like everyone in front of the school to walk to the stadium parking lot). Please walk do not drive!!


– When they turn left and pass through our crowd on that side, you have the option of walking in front of the school to the stadium parking lot or you get to be some of the privileged who get to walk behind his vehicle and continue to see all the smiling faces who came out to support this young man!! (I know that’s what I’m doing)!!

Please walk do not drive.

– They will continue down to the back of the school, turn left and continue down the back of the stadium. (Again, we want everyone to join in the March behind Noah).

After turning left into the parking lot behind the score board, they will enter the Main parking lot, along with his entourage. And we will all make a huge crowd in the center!!

(I would like to attempt to take an Areal photo before everyone leaves. We will do one group and then also try and make the #41 again)!

He will not be able to get out and hug and shake hands due to being 2 to 3 days post op, so please keep a safe distance for his sake. Thank you.

They haven’t said that he can’t be around loud noises but just to be safe please keep stereos off. But SCREAMS and SHOUTING are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED!!

We will see him off and he will get to be home with his family WHERE HE BELONGS!! And just in time for Thanksgiving!! Now that’s something to be thankful for this Holiday season!!

Written by KFDM/Fox 4

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