Orange is in the process of approving plans for the first phase of a new subdivision that could have 150 houses. But first, the city needs to work out an agreement with the Orangefield Water Supply Corporation to provide water and sewer service until city lines can be extended.

City Planning Director Kelvin Knauf said the Planning and Zoning Commission has approved the preliminary plat for 75 houses in the Orange Gardens Phase I subdivision by J. Breaux Enterprise.

 The subdivision will be on 14.53 acres near the intersection of FM 105 and State Highway 62.

At this time, the city does not have water and sewer lines to the site. However, in recent years the city has been expanding those services to the western areas. The city even installed a new water tower and plant to a site off Interstate 10 near State Highway 62.


But the closest water and sewer services to the Orange Gardens acreage is now provided by the Orangefield Water Corporation. Knauf said the city wants the water and sewer lines installed to meet city codes for when the city services reach the area.

According to city information, one problem is that the Orangefield system cannot provide enough water pressure for the fire department to use. The city and developer worked to make sure the fire hydrant spacing meets the requirements of the 2015 International Fire Code.

Written by Margaret Toal

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