Southeast Texas man robbed at gunpoint after trying to sell AR-15

BEAUMONT, Texas — A man from Orange is thankful to be alive after he was robbed at gunpoint outside a home in Orange while trying to sell this AR-15.

The man told 12News he responded to an advertisement on Snapchat of someone looking to buy a gun, but the sale never happened. Instead, he was left to fear for his life.

The man, who asks to be identified as Dylan, said he was just trying to exchange the rifle for cash that he could put toward a new home.

After a man posted on Snapchat looking to purchase a gun, Dylan answered that ad offering to sell his AR-15.

With a sale in the works, Dylan met two men outside of a home on North 8th Street in Orange.


He said everything seemed legit at first, but things took an unsettling turn.

“As soon as I went and walked around the corner, the other dude came out with two pistols and put them to my head,” Dylan said. “He said turn around and leave now. The other dude grabbed the AR. My kids and wife were outside in the car, so I listened. Turned around and left.”

Dylan is speaking out because he feels unease knowing his AR-15 is out there in someone else’s possession.

“I don’t like knowing that it’s out there in the wrong hands because it’s…that’s my hunting rifle,” Dylan said. “I use that for deer, I use that for hog. Anything. It’s meant to kill. Not meant to kill people, but some people use stuff the way they shouldn’t.”

12News reached out to Orange Police Department for comment on the aggravated robbery but did not hear back. We were able to confirm that a police report has been filed.

Dylan said he was hoping to exchange his AR-15 for $1,000 and a pistol, and he planned on using the money towards a new home.

“We got until the end of the month,” Dylan said. “We gotta move by the end of the month, so I sold it so I could go put this $400 deposit down on this place and just got screwed over.”

Dylan said he was dependent on the sale for some cash, and it’s left his family feeling shaken and wondering what’s next.

“It put a big damper on everything,” Dylan said.


Dylan said Tuesday afternoon he was able to talk to an Orange Police detective and hopes they’re able to find the two men and his AR-15 before they hurt someone.

If you have information about a crime you could earn a cash reward of up to $1000 by providing an ANONYMOUS tip to Crime Stoppers of Southeast Texas.

Call 833-TIPS (8477) or download the P3Tips App on your mobile device to submit your tip anonymously.

Written by James Grant (12NewsNow), KBMT (12NewsNow)

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