At approximately 4:30am on November 18th, 2021, West Orange Police were dispatched to Wellspring Federal Credit Union on MacArthur Drive in reference to a black truck attempting to steal the ATM machine.  As Officer’s were enroute to the scene, the police dispatcher advised the Officers that a witness observed the vehicle leave the credit union and drive south on Donnell Street.  Officer’s arrived in the area and began searching for the suspect vehicle. 

An Officer located what is believed to be the suspect vehicle, a black Ford F250 that was still running and abandoned in the roadway on Henrietta Street with a large chain wrapped around the receiver of the truck.   At the scene of the attempted theft of the ATM, Officer’s discovered that the doors of the machine had been was forcibly opened and the machine was empty.   Anyone with information about this event is asked to contact the West Orange Police Department at 409-883-0059.

Written by KOGT Radio

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