Process underway for renaming of Louisiana’s Fort Polk

Louisiana’s Fort Polk, in Vernon Parish, could have a new name soon. Fort Polk spokesman Kavanaugh Breazeale (bruh-ZELL) says this comes after Congress agreed to rename military installations and vessels named for members of the Confederacy. He says they are inviting community leaders to engage in the discussion at an event Thursday on base.  “We have gotten together with civic leaders, people in the area and we’re pulling together names that would be considered for Fort Polk,” says Breazeale.

The fort, near Leesville, is named for Confederate General and Episcopal Bishop Leonidas Polk. Military complexes nationwide will be renamed to help quell ill feelings still being felt over the Civil War and slavery. Breazeale says the public may suggest a new names online at “Congress has until October 1 of 2022 to finalize this, but the commission’s goal is to put forth names .. suggestions for all of the posts that are up for name change and Congress will go from there.”


The announcement of Fort Polk’s new name is not expected for almost a year, but it may come sooner. Breazeale says a Thursday meeting at the Army base will have state and civic leaders in attendance to talk it over.  “Their leaders are going to be here to discuss this issue with the Naming Commission and come up avenues of approach that will consider the best name for Fort Polk. says Breazeale.

Due to limited space and COVID precautions the meeting is not open to the public.

Written by Kevin Gallagher

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