Milam County Grand Jury meets Thursday, unclear what fate will be for Caldwell High School Students arrested in October

CALDWELL, Texas (KBTX) – A Milam County Grand Jury will convene on Thursday to look at cases in the county. Caldwell residents are curious to see what happens with four high school students after they were arrested in October for attacking another student on a school bus.

The incident happened back in September after members of a sports team were traveling back to Caldwell. Four girls were arrested for indecency with a child by exposure. The girls are accused of trying to undress a teammate after singling her out.

Craig Greaves, a defense attorney representing one of the suspects tells us he expects the case will be considered by the grand jury, but is hopeful the felony charge will be dropped after he talked to Milam County District Attorney Bill Torrey. He and other defense attorneys representing the students say they believe this was a hazing incident and did not have a sexual element to it.


“There’s actually in the education code there’s a hazing offense. It’s misdemeanor and in my opinion it fits the onus of this,” said Greaves.

Court documents say one defendant told investigators they were looking for a target to rape and the victim said her shorts and underwear were pulled down to her shins.

Two of the adults on the school bus are no longer coaches, but still working for the district. At Monday’s school board meeting parents in attendance openly discussed how two coaches on that bus remain as teachers, but no longer are coaches on staff.

Caldwell Superintendent Andrew Peters says it was a mutually agreed upon decision. He was unavailable for a TV interview Wednesday.

The school district and defense attorneys are waiting to see what comes from the grand jury.


“Their grand jury has the final say on that and Torrey, he promises us he’s going to present a fair case,” said Greaves.

Greaves also said his client passed a polygraph regarding the incident on the school bus.

“The basic elements of indecency with a child is you have to do it with the intent or the desire to seek sexual gratification and she obviously answered, ‘No,’ and she passed that,” said Greaves. “And also the question of, ‘Did you ever see any nudity or any genitals being exposed?’, ‘No,’ and she passed on that as well,” said Greaves.

Wednesday morning the Milam County District Attorney’s Office declined to comment on the case but said they would provide updates after the grand jury meets.

Milam County Sheriff Mike Clore told us Wednesday he had no new information on the case.

Written by Clay Falls

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  1. Defense Greaves polygraph can’t be used in court. They can be beat as your client did. When they pulled pants and panties pulled down to shin genitals are exposed. You and the other girls saw them. If didn’t look then why pull panties down even if hazing incident their age and the victim age makes it different. Felonies should charged.


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