Jury panels return to Nacogdoches County

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) – Today, for the first time since March of 2020, a jury selection panel appeared in Nacogdoches County.

The face-to-face proceeding was for the County-Court-At-Law, one of several courts impacted by pandemic restrictions. It happened at the courthouse annex in a larger room. Potential jurors could practice social distancing.

There were 400 jury summonses mailed. About 65 individuals who claimed no exemptions showed up.

Court administrator Lisa Patton called it a “great showing.”

Potential juror Jackie Brown said it was a sign of returning to normal.

“Well, I was required to be here. I had no legitimate excuse not to. So, I had to be here,” Brown said. “I felt it was very orderly. They have the chairs spread two-apart. We were not on each other. And everybody was spaced well.”

The next jury panel will be called to the exposition center on December 7. It’s a criminal jury trial for the 145th District Court.

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