A 24-year-old Vidor man had chest pains after an AR-15 rifle was stolen from him at gunpoint Monday evening. Orange police said the man was trying to sell the custom rifle valued at $1,000.

The aggravated robbery was reported at 5:46 p.m. Monday a half hour after sunset. Police said the man went to the 1200 block of Eighth Street in the Brownwood neighborhood to meet a buyer.

Detective Captain Robert Enmon said the man had advertised the AR-15 for sale on social media and arranged to meet someone.

When the seller went to the address, a man came to him and pointed a handgun at his face. The robber demanded the seller give him the rifle. The seller complied.

The robbery happened outside of a house. The victim called 911 when the robber left.

Captain Enmon said the victim had chest pains after the robbery. Acadian Ambulance took him to a regional hospital.

The captain said people who want to meet strangers as part of a sales agreement should conduct the transaction in a well-lit public place like a store parking lot.

Written by Margaret Toal

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