Car dragged 100 yards after crashing into back of 18-wheeler during chase on I-14

DPS troopers say a man led them on a chase after refusing to pullover for a traffic stop.

KILLEEN, Texas — A man who refused to pullover for a traffic stop Tuesday led troopers on a chase on I-14 in Killeen that ended when the man crashed into the back of an 18-wheeler, according to Texas Department of Public Safety Sgt. Bryan Washko.

Washko said the 18-wheeler was trying to get out of the way but as the driver tried to go around it, he ended up crashing into the back and the car was dragged more than 100 yards.

Once the truck stopped, DPS troopers approached the car with guns drawn until they heard the man screaming for help, Washko said.

The man was pulled from the car and taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Washko said he will face felony charges.

Written by Jim Hice

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