Beaumont makes best sports cities rankings

On Wednesday, WalletHub released a roundup of the “best sports cities” in the U.S. and a number of large, small and midsize markets in Texas made the rankings. The Lone Star State has no shortage of professional sports teams, but how did these cities measure up against other U.S. sports hubs?

Best U.S. sports cities

The overall rankings feature many long-standing sports hubs with Boston taking the top spot followed by Los Angeles, New York, Pittsburgh and Philadephia, in order. A pair of major Texas cities made the cut, including Dallas at No. 8 and Houston at No. 15, with Dallas specifically listed as the No. 2 city for football fans and Houston holding the No. 8 spot for basketball fans, according to WalletHub.


Smaller Texas markets were also represented on the roundup with a total of nine cities listed on the midsize sports cities rankings.

Best midsize sports cities in Texas

  • College Station (37)
  • Abilene (40)
  • Beaumont (47)
  • Waco (48)
  • Lubbock (51)
  • Denton (58)
  • Amarillo (81)
  • Midland (90)
  • Frisco (102)
  • Sugar Land (104)


To determine the rankings, WalletHub used a number of metrics related to professional football, basketball, baseball, hockey and soccer, including a Global Sports Media consumption report, weighted these totals and assigned a point total based on a 100-point system.

Written by R. Dallon Adams

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