Waco community honors veterans with parade

WACO, Texas- Today, hundreds in the Waco community gathered downtown for a Veterans Day parade organized by The Stan C. Parker Foundation.

The excitement of those in attendance was evident as they cheered with each passing ensemble.

Veteran Rodney Mayhew has attended the parades for the past 15 years.

“These people are great people, every veteran needs to be honored every day for what they did for this country,” Mayhew said.

Parade attendee Maria Juandiego says, although her veteran father died- attending the parade is special for their family.


“He served a lot for us for 30 years, and we continue honoring him,” Juandiego said.

She watched the entire parade holding her fathers picture close.

“We have his picture up at home, we have a little place for him with his flags,” Juandiego said.

Marching bands and flags held high was the scene along Austin Avenue Thursday morning. Along with kids getting in on the fun collecting candy along the route.

“To me this is a very important day all of the veterans that have supported us, and have it where we can be here,” parade attendee Tommie Stamper said.

The Stan C. Parker Foundation is thankful for the community making this event a success.

Written by BrenShavia Jordan

Categories: Entertainment, Veterans

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