Beaumont man says he is lucky to be alive, recovering after fatal crash at busy intersection

BEAUMONT, Texas — The Dowlen Road and Phelan Boulevard intersection is one of Beaumont’s busiest intersections.

On Tuesday night, it was shut down after a deadly crash that sent a car flying into the Beaumont Heights Apartment complex.

One driver, Bryant Foster, was killed and two others were sent to the hospital.

Southeast Texas radio personality Jim King was able to walk away from the crash. He said he’s lucky to be alive and is still recovering a day later.

King spoke with 12News about the scary moments he experienced and what residents hope the City of Beaumont will do to keep drivers safe.


“I felt like I was the luckiest Evel Knievel or something. Walking away from that,” King said.

King said he didn’t even see the other car coming right before it slammed into him Tuesday night at the Dowlen and Phelan intersection.

“I just remember spinning and spinning and spinning. The impact was just tremendous,” King said.

King said he was able to walk away from the fatal crash, but his body paid the price.

“I have fractured legs underneath my knees on both legs and a broken toe, so I’m not supposed to be on my feet for about six weeks,” King said.

Beaumont Police officer Haley Morrow said there have been 15 crashes so far this year at the intersection.

On average, Morrow said there are a little over 30 fatal crashes each year in Beaumont. Last year there were a record 43.
So far this year, there have been 26.

“Distracted driving is probably the number one contributing factor to crashes, but also excessive speed,” Morrow said.

Morrow said Tuesday night’s fatal crash serves as a tragic reminder of the dangers of running red lights.

“Every time, I’m the first one at a red light, when it turns green, I wait a few seconds and you would be surprised how many people run a red light in a school zone or in a major intersection,” Morrow said.

Written by James Grant (12NewsNow), KBMT (12NewsNow)

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