Tips offered to Deep East Texas employers seeking workers

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) – The labor market is closely watched here in Deep East Texas.

Employers are told to think ‘outside the box’ when it comes to hiring.

The job market in Nacogdoches is showing signs of recovery.

Nacogdoches County’s unemployment rate in September of this year was 4.9%, lower than 5.3% seen in August and even lower than a year ago at the height of the pandemic.

To gain more improvement, Workforce Solutions Deep East Texas Executive Director Mark Durand tells employers to adjust hiring habits.

“What we’re encouraging our employers to do is, one, not only look at your immediate needs for employment, but also look at your future needs.”

Employers are encouraged to hire the less skilled, followed by training and apprenticeship program with Workforce Solutions assistance.

“We can help you subsidize wages during that training period,” said Durand during a Nacogdoches Chamber Stakeholders conference call. “Hopefully, you train them and then you hire them at the end of that training period.”

Durand suggests employers be willing to meet employee demands from salary adjustments to schedule flexibility.

“We as employers have to adapt to some of the requests they have.”

And give everyone a chance to fill the positions.

“Look at those non-traditional male-female jobs. Hiring a female to fill that position of vice-versa.”

Manufacturers needing workers now and job seekers wanting the perfect job may not be a quick match. The key solutions remain flexibility and a willingness to work.

Written by Donna McCollum

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