Public documents tie Elon Musk associate to hundreds of acres near Tesla

TRAVIS COUNTY, Texas (Austin Business Journal) — Elon Musk’s assemblage of land in eastern Travis County appears to be growing.

Public documents show that a group called Horse Ranch LLC purchased up to 620 acres across the Colorado River earlier this year, just across the Colorado River from the the rising $1.1. billion Tesla Inc. gigafactory.

It was unclear by publication time what the additional acreage will be used for, though the land purchases provide some idea of just how large Musk’s plans are for the area — he’s already amassed more than 2,500 acres on the other side of the river — as the world’s richest person continues to grow roots in Central Texas.

Musk recently announced that Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA) would relocate its headquarters to Austin from Palo Alto, California, and his other companies — tunneling startup The Boring Company, brain implant startup Neuralink Corp. and space exploration company SpaceX — are increasingly running operations through the region.

You can read more at Austin Business Journal.

Written by Kathryn Hardison

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