Former Welsh Alderman’s Bond Set At $10,000

WELSH — A former Welsh alderman, who also unsuccessfully ran for mayor, was arrested Thursday for nonconsensual disclosure of a private image after a male victim reported being the victim of cyberstalking and telephone harassment.

Jacob Colby Perry, 28, of Welsh was arrested on charges of telephone harassment, online impersonation, cyberstalking and nonconsensual disclosure of a private image.

Bond was set at $10,000.

Welsh Police Chief Marcus Crochet said Friday, Perry was arrested Thursday by the Welsh Police Department following an ongoing investigation that began in August.

The case is ongoing and additional charges may be filed, he said.

“This is a pretty sensitive case because of the material and evidence that makes this case,” Crochet said.

He said police have been investigating Perry since August after receiving a complaint from a male victim that his explicit photos were allegedly being published online by Perry who had made a fake profile of the victim.

“He’d make fake profiles of the victim and put the victim’s explicit photographs on-line even though the victim asked him to take them down, but he refused,” Crochet said.


The victim repeatedly asked Perry to stop and take the images down, but he refused to and kept messaging the victim even after he asked him to leave him alone, Crochet said.

Crochet said it took investigators a while to obtain search warrants for phones and other devices at residences in Welsh and Lake Charles where Perry was known to stay.

During the search, investigators found enough evidence to substantiate the victim’s claims and arrest Perry on the charges, he said.

The search warrant also uncovered two other alleged victims, who do not live in Jeff Davis Parish, according to Crochet.

Colby served on the Welsh Board of Alderman from 2017-2020. He unsuccessfully ran as mayor in 2012.

Written by Doris Maricle

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