Critters and pest creeping into homes as the weather turns cold

Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) – As the cold weather creeps in, so do uninvited guests. In the wintertime, pests move into your home looking for a warm place to stay.

With temperatures falling, bugs and little critters could be crawling into the the cracks and crevices of your home.

“As cold weather appears, we get a lot of rodents. Especially rats and mice that enter homes ‘cause they need to stay warm just like people do,” said Keith Dubrock, owner of McKenzie Pest Control.

Dubrock said that now is the time to protect your homes against unwanted pests. He said the best prevention measures start on the outside of the home.

“This time of year, especially with all the hurricane issues we have – people’s houses are not completely sealed and we’re having a lot of issues with them coming inside,” Dubrock said. “The main thing is just to make sure your house is really secure and sealed up. That’s going to be the main thing that’s keeping these things under control.”


When a rodent infestation does happen, he said there are solutions to help rid your home of those pesky problems.

“We use traps, bait stations, glue trays, different things as well as building them out. You want to build them out to where they cannot come into the home,” Dubrock said.

To identify a rodent infestation, you can check different areas in your home for mice or rat droppings and check where you store food to see if they have contaminated anything.

“If something’s eaten into, bread, cereal, you don’t want to have to take a chance on getting sick or anything from the mice and rats,” Dubrock said.

He adds that ridding your home of an infestation is important in order to protect your home from any damage insects or rodents may cause.

Written by Andrea Robinson

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