San Marcos Police Respond To Kidnapping Concern At Goodnight Middle School

San Marcos police responded to concerns about a possible kidnapping near Goodnight Middle School on Wednesday.

San Marcos Police Department officers were dispatched to the intersection of Highway 123 and Broadway Street for a welfare concern at approximately 4:45 p.m. on Wednesday. Officials said when police arrived they learned a child had lost her cell phone and was waiting to be picked up near the school by their mother. Police said the child was approached by a woman in a red vehicle who asked to take the child home.

The child proceeded to run away after she became fearful that the woman was trying to take them from the school, police said. Concerned citizens saw the child running and called police to report the incident, officials said, adding that the child’s mother arrived shortly after and took her home.


In a letter sent Thursday, Goodnight Middle School Principal Marcus Alvarez reminded parents to “continue to discuss stranger danger with your children.”

Alvarez highlighted the following tips: “stay with a group when walking to and/or from home; be cautious of adults asking for help; if approached by a person offering rides, walk away; never get in a car with anyone unless your parent/guardian knows about it first; make sure that parents are familiar with the route that students take home; know where to go for help; report any suspicious people or activities to a trusted adult and/or SMPD; and if your child has a cell phone, instruct them on whom to call for help.”

“Safety is our number one concern for students,” Alvarez wrote. “Our Goodnight team, along with SMPD will continue to be visible and monitor students in the morning and afternoon and will have additional surveillance around the campus to ensure the safety of all students and staff.”

Written by Nick Castillo

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