Astroworld Festival update: 8 confirmed deaths, many others injured during Travis Scott concert

About two dozen people were rushed to Houston hospitals and at least 11 were in cardiac arrest, HFD Chief Pena said. The victims were as young as 10 years old.

HOUSTON — At least eight people died and several were injured during mass chaos at the Travis Scott concert at the Astroworld Festival in Houston Friday night,  Fire Chief Samuel Pena confirmed. 

He said about two dozen people were rushed to Houston hospitals and at least 11 of them were in cardiac arrest when they were transported.

Some of the victims transported were as young as 10 years old, according to Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo. 

“Our hearts are broken,” she said.

They are working to identify the victims who died and families are asked to go to the Wyndham Hotel at 8686 Kirby if their loved ones are missing. HPD and HFD personnel and counselors are there to assist them. The Houston Office of Emergency Management also posted phone numbers for those who haven’t heard from a loved one who was at the festival.  Those numbers are 832-393-2991 or 832-393-2990.

“We got to grieve for these families right now,” Houston Police Chief Troy Finner said. “Everybody in our city, pray for these families and we got to get through it.”

Pena said it started when the crowd began to rush toward the stage around 9:15 p.m. and  people started passing out because they couldn’t breathe. Others in the crowd panicked as they tried to help those who were unconscious. 

Around 9:35 p.m., Pena said a mass casualty incident was declared because there were so many victims and emergency crews were overwhelmed. More than 55 HFD units responded. 

Pena said hundreds of  people were treated at a field hospital set up at the scene. 

HPD had hundreds of police officers at the concert and they responded as quickly as they could, according to Finner. The chief said it’s too early to place blame as they investigate what went wrong. 

“So my job as a chief of police, is to make sure that we find out what happened we will treat it as an investigation,” he said.

Earlier Friday afternoon, crowds rushed the VIP gate, knocked over the fence and trampled over people who fell. There were no serious injuries reported after the incident. 

The Astroworld Festival for the rest of the weekend has been canceled.

Written by Michelle Homer, Chloe Alexander

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