Texas homeowner fatally shoots man with medical condition who wandered onto porch in middle of night

The homeowner fired multiple shots as he retreated into the home, police said

Texas homeowner shot and killed a 21-year-old man Monday during an early morning encounter on his front porch.

The shooting occurred in the Fort Worth suburb of Saginaw around 4 a.m. in the 600 block of Babbling Brook Drive, the Saginaw Police Department said. Officers were called to the scene after reports of gunshots. 

When they arrived, officers found a dead man lying face down on the porch from what appeared to be multiple gunshot wounds. His mother identified him to Fox affiliate KDFW-TV as Andrew Russell. 

The homeowner told police he was awakened minutes earlier by someone banging on his front door. The homeowner asked Russell to leave, police said. 

Russell began to leave but turned around and “rushed the resident,” police said. The homeowner fired multiple shots as he retreated into his home, police said. No charges have been filed.

Fox News has reached out to the Saginaw Police Department. 

Russell’s mother, Cynthia Williams, told the news outlet her son suffered from epilepsy and frequent seizures for years and likely wandered out of his home and needed help. He had a history of leaving the home after seizures, she said.

Andrew Russell was killed by a Texas homeowner early Monday.

Andrew Russell was killed by a Texas homeowner early Monday. (KDFW)

“We can’t tie him down to a bed. He’s an adult,” she said. “And, sometimes, whenever he has seizures, he does wonder.”

She said she knows her son didn’t mean any harm and wants answers about what happened. 

“I’m very questionable of what happened. I think there’s more to this,” Williams said.

Investigators said Russell had knocked on the doors of three to four homes the night he was killed. Saginaw Assistant Police Chief Russell Ragsdale told the news outlet that Russell’s medical condition will be part of the investigation. 

“It could have some factor into it,” Ragsdale said. “Ultimately, it’s going to be the grand jury that makes a determination if this is a castle doctrine defense case or if this is a homicide case.”

Written by Louis Casiano

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