What’s next for Hamshire-Fannett after receiving enough votes for $1.4M concession stand?

The proposal to replace the 40-year-old building passed by only five votes.

FANNETT, Texas — It’s official. Hamshire Fannett voters signed off on a new $1.4 million concession stand.

The bond proposal for the concession pavilion was on the ballot last year. This year it passed but barely. The proposal to replace the 40-year-old building passed by only five votes.

Now that Hamshire-Fannett has received approval from the people, what’s next?

Superintendent Dwaine Augustine said before any construction beings, the district needs to work with an architect and decide who will map out the details of the project.


That person will provide a detailed layout of the new structure.

“The next step is to develop the details of the building itself. So those are architect-type processes. So, after those processes are complete, that’s when the project will go out for bids,” Augustine said.

The project is expected to be completed sometime in December 2022. That means one more football season until the community can use the new concession stand.

Voters in other areas of Southeast Texas took to the polls and cast their ballots for local races and propositions.

In Lumberton, 58% of voters said yes to funding a $74.3M proposition to pay for a wastewater treatment system. That proposition passed 493 – 358. 

Voters in Newton County said no to approving a $12M bond proposition to create a new jail and law enforcement center. That proposition failed by 347 votes with a final tally of 868 – 521.

Written by Dominique Leh, Kierra Sam (12News), KBMT (12NewsNow)

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