Brookshire Brothers aims to keep Thanksgiving necessities in supply

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) – Thanksgiving is in a couple of weeks, but you may want to stock up on supplies this week.

The grocery industry nationwide is dealing with supply interruptions, however in Lufkin, Brookshire Brothers is trying to keep store shelves stocked. At one warehouse, employees swiftly drive loading carts throughout the company’s distribution center. They’re loaded with everything you find in a grocery store.

The drivers sound the machine horn warning others of their approach. With each beep Brookshire Brothers managers are aware the workers are busy filling orders for a chain of grocery stores.

“Brookshire Brothers is primarily self-distributed, so our distribution center here in Lufkin is where the majority of our products come from,” explained spokesperson Melissa Crager.

And products leave the warehouse with the company’s own fleet of truck drivers. Deliveries across Texas and into Louisiana are made within a five-hour turnaround trip.

Even so, industry-wide there are bumps in the road.

“Obviously, the pandemic has created a lot of concerns for the supply chain,” said Crager.

Grocery store suppliers say in many cases supply chain problems are not caused by a product shortage, but rather, an employee shortage. The products can’t be moved without the workers.

“We work closely with our vendor partners to see where the shortages may be and work to supply necessary substitutes,” said Crager.

Private label brands are suggested substitutes and are usually less expensive.

Crager says this year the consumer has a big role in managing product demand.

“Shopping early is a great idea this year. Don’t wait to the last minute and try to be flexible.”

And buy only your fair share.

“We want everyone to have a positive and exciting holiday season and as long as people aren’t rushing the shelves and overstocking, I think everybody will have a memorable holiday,” assured Crager.

And it’s not too early to think about Christmas. Brookshire Brothers Christmas candy will leave the warehouse the day after Thanksgiving.

Written by Donna McCollum

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