Areas of Orange County that were affected by the tornado activity last week will have fees
waived for building permits and the Citizen Collection Center.

Building permits are required for rebuilding from tornado damage and can be obtained at the
Environmental Health and Code Compliance Department in the Expo Center at 11475 FM 1442
Orange, Texas 77630. These permit fees are waived for the damaged areas for 90 days effective
immediately ending on January 30th, 2022. If the damaged structure is located in flood zone an
elevation certificate is required.

The fees at the Citizen Collection Center, 11265 FM 1442, Orange, Texas 77630. Hours of
operation are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 am to 6 pm and Saturdays from 7 am to 5 pm.
The fees will be waived for 30 days effective immediately ending December 2nd, 2021.
Construction debris and white goods can be brought to the Collection Station. White goods
containing Freon must be emptied in the appropriate manor before being brought to the landfill,
if they contain Freon they CANNOT be accepted. Acceptable items are metal, cardboard, paper
products, construction, demolition and appliances (without Freon). Not acceptable items are
commercial waste, appliances (with Freon), brush or vegetative, propane bottles, paint,
hazardous waste, tires, batteries and shingles.


County Picking Up In Heavily Affected Areas

Orange County Emergency Management and Orange County Road and Bridge are coordinating a debris pick up for those areas in Orange County affected by the tornado activity that happened this week. This debris pickup will be only in the areas mentioned below beginning on Monday November 8th through Wednesday November 24th

  • Woodland Ridge Neighborhood
  • Hudnall Road
  • Stallion Road
  • Randall Road
  • Teal Road
  • FM 1130 between Meadowlark and Teal Road
  • Old Hwy 90

  • ONLY vegetative/green waste piles (tree limbs, branches and cuttings) will be picked up, no construction and/or demolition materials or white goods will be picked up. If there is construction and/or demolition materials with the vegetative/green waste piles the pile WILL NOT be picked up.
    The vegetative/green waste should be cut in 10 foot or less pieces. Please place the debris to the side of the road in a manner that is NOT blocking the roadway in any way. The debris should be accessible for pick up with a grappling truck. The Road and Bridge Department employees are only allowed to get what they can reach from the road with their equipment, they are not allowed to go on private property. It is recommended that homeowner’s take pictures of all debris that is placed curbside for pickup to insure proper documentation. It is further recommended that each homeowner verify with their insurance carrier any other additional documentation requirements they may have.

Orange County residents affected by the severe weather Wednesday are encouraged to report property damage using the Texas Department of Emergency Management (TDEM) survey. Using the Individual State of Texas Assessment Tool (iSTAT) damage surveys, Orange County can report damage to homes and businesses to the Texas Division of Emergency Management. The information provided in the surveys assist emergency management officials across the state to gain an understanding of damages that occurred and help officials determine if the state meets federal requirements for disaster assistance. As preliminary damage assessments take place and the recovery phase begins, citizens can help by filling out the survey, sharing pertinent details and uploading photos to assist in this process. The iSTAT damage survey can be filled out in English and/or Spanish after clicking on October Severe Weather Events. Reporting damage through iSTAT surveys is a voluntary activity and is not a substitute for reporting damage to your insurance agency. If does not guarantee disaster relief services.

Written by KOGT Radio

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