Man attacked and beaten in Southeast Texas believes race is a factor

SEABROOK ā€” A Southeast Texan is recovering after he was attacked by a neighbor while riding his bike.

He says it was because he was black.

We need to warn you, the video may be disturbing to some viewers.

Elliott Reed says he was riding his bike Friday – something he does daily to control his diabetes – when he stopped for a break at the corner of Lakeside and Hampton Springs Drive in Seabrook.

He says a man in a car stopped, too.

“Said you need to get off of this corner because you’re making everybody nervous,” according to Reed.

Reed hit record after he says the man got out of his car and began to walk toward him.

Reed says he asked if the man was with law enforcement and asked, “what’s going on?”

He says the man answered, “you’re just making people nervous. You need to get you (n-word) (a–) away from here.'”

That’s what Reed says the video shows leading up to when Reed says the man rushed him.

“The last thing I remember is hitting my head – boom – and I went out.”

“When I walked in the hospital and seen him, I started crying, the nurses started crying,” said Angie Reed, Elliott’s wife.

Pictures from the hospital show Elliott Reed at his worst, including that eye he says will need more surgery.

Seabrook police arrested 25-year-old Collin Fries.

Fries has been charged with misdemeanor assault – but the Reeds say that charge should be upgraded to a felony – at least – if not a hate crime.

“It was the witnesses who told the police that he was hit about twelve times after he was already unconscious,” said Angie Reed.

The Reeds say they hadn’t met Fries before the attack and feel Fries singled Elliott out because he’s black.

“I don’t feel safe in my own neighborhood where I pay taxes and am a law abiding citizen of Seabrook,” said Elliott.

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office is investigating the attack.

Written by KFDM/FOX4

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