104-year-old veteran who beat COVID-19 gets a special, socially distanced birthday parade

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Major Wooten, also known as ‘Pop Pop’ looked out of his granddaughter’s window as a parade of cars drove by and honked in celebration of his birthday.

Veterans, members of law enforcement, and other family and friends honored the man who earlier in 2020 was named a Jack’s Restaurant Granfluencer.

Besides serving the country in World War II and now turning 104, Wooten also beat COVID-19 recently. 

Written by Nixon Norman

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  1. Thank You for your service first. But best part is Soros Virus couldn’t kill awesome WWII veteran specially with it killing most older people. Nazi Soros made his billions on back of Jews killed in WWII. This veteran fought against Nazis in 40’s won and against Soros in 2021 and won. God Bless him. As Clemson fan the Alabama shirt not so much just kidding Clemson loves all Veterans as probably Alabama does


  2. I hope Pop Pop as WWII veteran has been to Patriots Point Mount Pleasant SC to turn USS Yorktown. They would be Blessed having him and family on the ship. Charleston loves her veterans so much.


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