TEA receives two complaints against Caldwell ISD, Milam County still investigating attack on Caldwell school bus

The TEA says they’ve received two complaints against the district.

CALDWELL, Texas (KBTX) – The investigation continues in Milam County and at Caldwell ISD after four students were arrested for attacking a fellow student on a school bus. Four girls are accused of indecency with a Child by Exposure after a teammate was forcibly undressed on a school bus near Cameron in September.

KBTX learned Monday afternoon the Texas Education Agency has received two complaints against Caldwell ISD.

TEA is currently looking at their next steps but couldn’t share more details about what the complaints entail.

The fate of four Caldwell High School students is still pending in Milam County. Caldwell ISD parents have reached out asking if the four adults on the school bus will face disciplinary action.

Caldwell Superintendent Andrew Peters was unavailable Monday to make any statements. We are still waiting for our phone calls to be returned.

While the district isn’t talking, students and parents are voicing their concerns.

Last week dozens of students walked out of class protesting for tougher punishment for the students arrested.

“We don’t stand for that. Caldwell isn’t a school that should be looked at as this. But unfortunately this is where we’re at,” said Jeannette Martinez, a Caldwell High School Student who was part of a group that walked out last week.

“It isn’t right to do that stuff. It’s wrong,” said Heyden Morales. She and her family told us she knows the victim and previously attended school with her.

“These girls need to have their consequences… I am disappointed in it. It’s not right,” she added.

Since the case involved student-athletes, we’ve reached out to the UIL to see if they are opening an investigation. Monday afternoon they sent this statement:

“The UIL is aware of the alleged incident involving Caldwell student athletes. It is the UIL’s understanding that the investigation into these allegations is being handled by law enforcement. UIL intends to monitor the situation and will weigh the facts of this matter to determine if any action on the part of UIL is required, -Chris Schmidt, Public Affairs Representative, University Interscholastic League.

On Monday KBTX was able to talk to Milam County Sheriff Mike Clore for the first time after reaching out in recent days.

He told us he didn’t have anything new to add with their case still under investigation.

Milam County’s grand jury next meets Nov.18.

Attorneys representing some of the suspects tell us they plan to seek having the charges dismissed and what happened does not amount to felony conduct, but that they were trying to “pants” the victim.

Written by Clay Falls

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  1. The Attorneys trying to get charges dismissed cause they were only trying to “pants” need to read the law. She was fighting to keep her pants panties up so even if they felt it was innocent trying to “pant” her using force makes it illegal. Fact that panties pulled down to shins makes her assault. I hope the Attorneys don’t have daughters cause they do I will pray for their daughters. So class the student have supported to 14 year old and pushing for hard punishment for them.


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