San Marcos Police Department respond to possible attempted kidnapping at Goodnight Middle School

SAN MARCOS – On Wednesday, Oct. 27 at approximately 4:45 p.m., San Marcos Police Officers responded to Goodnight Middle School for a welfare concern. Upon arrival, SMPD officers learned that a child was approached by a woman asking to take them home while waiting for their mother to pick them up from school.

According to SMPD, the student was standing near Broadway Street when an older Hispanic woman called them over to their vehicle and asked to take the student home. The vehicle was described as a red car with a scratch on the driver’s side door. After approaching, the student realized they didn’t recognize the woman, and no other students were in the vehicle. 

The child became fearful that the woman was trying to take them from the school and ran to get away. Citizens saw the child running and called the police to report the incident.

The child’s mother then arrived and took the child home.

This is the second suspected attempted child abduction in Hays County in October. On Oct. 8, the Kyle Police Department reported that a male subject driving a black truck approached an 11-year-old child while walking to her bus stop.

Local school districts ask parents to discuss safety measures with their children. And ask them to report any behavior they know to be out-of-the-ordinary or blatantly wrong to a trusted adult – a parent, teacher, school employee, bus driver, or law enforcement officer. 

Written by Sierra Martin

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