Ponderosa Pet Resort Fire Started In The Kennel: Officials Say

Georgetown Fire Department provided an update Friday on its investigation that killed 75 dogs at the resort in September.

WILLIAMSON COUNTY, TX — The Georgetown Fire Department provided an update Friday on its investigation at Ponderosa Pet Resort that killed 75 dogs in late September.

Georgetown Fire Chief John Sullivan confirmed to KVUE the origin of the fire was in the kennel area. However, there are still “multiple possible ignition sources” that need to be ruled out.

The department has yet to release the cause of the fire. In October, Georgetown fire hired a team of outside investigators to look into the incident.


In response to the incident, the fire department has drafted new fire code language when it comes to the definition of animal housing or care facilities and a requirement for existing facilities to install smoke or heat alarm systems unless they are staffed 24/7.

Ponderosa Pet Resort’s building did not have monitored smoke or heat detection devices or a fire suppression system, officials said.

Facilities that would fall under the new definition would also be required to have electronically supervised carbon-monoxide and smoke detection systems and automatic sprinkler systems, unless a specific fire alarm is installed.

Sullivan said he expects the Georgetown City Council to review and possibly adopt the code changes in January. Georgetown Fire said its planning to announce all its finding in the investigation to the public sometime in November.

Written by Meagan Falcon

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