Sheriff Robert Burby

Newton County Sheriff’s Office (NCSO) answered 73 calls to service last week from October 25th  to October 31st, 2021.    We currently have 20 inmates in the following Jails, 8 housed in Newton, and  12 housed in Jasper.     Last week there were 2 individuals booked into the Jail.

            We assisted DPS, NISD, and Newton PD in finding the person responsible for sending threats on social media against the Newton High School  students and staff on October 26th, 2021.  The individual responsible was located and taken into custody on Friday, October 29th, 2021.

The following individual(s) were booked and arraigned: 

Rash, Jeffery Todd II  10/25/2021               MB       Driving While Intoxicated

McCain, Quadarius Shamar   10/28/2021    MA       Viol Bond/Protective Order

The following calls to service and reports were received by NCSO:

Pine Grove:   Cruelty to Animals

Call:     Terroristic Threat (3730), Civil Matter, Animal Nuisance, Disorderly Conduct, Disturbance, Traffic Hazard, Civil Matter

Deweyville:    Tornado Sighting, Reckless Driving (Juveniles riding X4 ATVS/Speeding), Reckless Driving (car swerving in and out of lanes), Trespassing, Traffic Hazard

Indian Hills:  Reckless Driving


Burkeville:    Burglary of a Habitation, Animal Nuisance (Goats running loose), Suspicious Activity, Traffic Hazard, Welfare Concern

Trout Creek:   Suspicious Activity, Structure Fire, Trespassing (FM 82), Deadly Conduct (FM 82), Traffic Hazard (children playing in the roadway), Suspicious Activity (person changing cloths in his vehicle)

Toledo Bend   Ironwood – Abandoned Boat (boat left at the public ramp for 3 months)

Newton:   Terroristic Threat, Disturbance (CR 2016), House Fire (Hwy 87), Suspicious Activity, Suspicious Activity (unknown male walking on CR 1010 with a machete), Case Follow-up, Theft (FM 2626), Missing Person (Found), Animal Nuisance, (FM 2626)

Buna:  Welfare Concern (False Alarm), Welfare Concern, Welfare Concern (False Alarm)

Buckhorn:    Welfare Concern

Old Champion:   Hwy 62N (Unwanted Person)

Orange:    Suspicious Activity (Hwy 87 S)  

Bleakwood:    Case Follow-up, Welfare Concern, Trespassing, Terroristic Threat, Found Property, Cruelty to Animals, Disturbance

Devils Pocket:   Welfare Concern

Jamestown:    Criminal Mischief, Disturbance

Bon Wier:     Vehicle Accident, Burglary (FM 363), CTW, Lost Property (Firearm), Civil Matter,  Disturbance, Information

Written by Sheriff Robert Burby

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