Baylor, Texas rivalry has a murky future after Saturday’s win

The Longhorns will join the SEC in 2025, but if they leave sooner, this could be their last trip to Waco

WACO, Texas — It’s a rivalry that began in 1929. 

It has stood the test of time, and will now be tested as the University of Texas and Baylor Bears head their separate ways. 

Texas will join the SEC in 2025, but if they leave sooner, this could have been their last hoorah in Waco. 

“It’s been a long, long, long relationship with them and I hope we send them out crying,” Brad Nevil, a Baylor alumnus said. 

Fans were tailgating early ahead of the BU and UT 11 a.m. kickoff at McLane Stadium. It was a fitting way to what may be the end of a longtime Big 12 and Southwestern Conference rivalry. Most fans were not surprised when Texas announced the move. 


“Obviously the money is the big thing for everybody and they have seen what the money can be over there, so when I thought about it a little bit not that surprising,” Sloan Kuehl, a longtime fan, said. 

Many have a relationship with this rivalry. Former Baylor baseball player Max Garner was with the Bears from 2008-2012. This was always the biggest game on the slate for his squads. 

“It was the biggest or second biggest of the year, especially after the way the Big 12 went down they way it did and A&M left they way they did, it’s the biggest week of the year,” said Max Garner, former Baylor Baseball player. 

He will remember Texas in a unique way. 

“Can I say they love the smell of their own farts, haha,” said Garner.

The Longhorns own the football series against the Bears. They had won 52 more games coming into Saturday’s matchup, but that didn’t fog fans expectations.

“I’m really excited about them being here today, their last appearance on the Jerusalem on the Brazos,” Nevil said. “I hope that we send them out and out of this conference with a butt kicking, I hope we just knock them out of the stadium, they leave here crying.” 

Baylor went on to win 31-24. The crowd chanted “SEC” as the final second ticked off in the game and possibly in this rivalry. 

Written by Matt Lively (KCEN)

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