4 facing charges: Caldwell High student organizes protest after classmate forcibly stripped on school bus

CALDWELL, Texas — A student from Caldwell High School is speaking out after an incident that has four of his classmates now facing felony charges.

The alleged incident happened on a school bus in Milam County when the Caldwell High volleyball team was headed home from a tournament.

The arrest affidavits say it was then four students who forcibly removed a teammate’s pants and underwear, exposing her genitals.

Freshman Gilbert Rangel helped organize a protest Saturday in Caldwell pushing for accountability.

“I felt like we did the right thing,” said Rangel. “If they’re not going to do nothing about it, then we should as a community, come together and solve the problem that they’re not trying to solve anymore”

One woman who wanted to remain anonymous believes they’re doing the right thing.

“The girls need to be held accountable for what they did,” she shared. “If you’re going to hold my grandson accountable and all the other kids that walked out that day. Then you need to do the same for those girls and that was the whole point of the walk out.”

Rangel feels the lack of support at the off-campus protest shows people are afraid to speak out

“We need to make it be known that they need to do something instead of just letting them just walk around and letting that poor girl see the people who’d done that to her every single day,” said Rangel.

No matter what he hopes his voice will help ensure the students accused are held accountable.

“They don’t need to be walking around, like they did what they did, so they need to do the consequences for that action,” added Rangel.

Members in the community have also started a petition pushing for change on the school’s policy of bullying, hazing, and harassment.

Written by Brittany Defran

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