Montgomery County Sheriff seeks federal funds to pay for sending deputies to border

Sheriff Rand Henderson is seeking federal funds cover cost of sending deputies to the border to help with the influx of migrants.
source Gustavo Huerta

Montgomery County commissioners approved a grant application that will help the county cover the costs of sending sheriff’s deputies to the border to help with the influx of migrants crossing into the United States earlier this year.

In June, the court approved Sheriff Rand Henderson answering Gov. Greg Abbott’s call for jailers to assist border sheriffs with operating detention facilities and providing jail beds for those arrested for state charges amid a record surge in migration.

Operation Lone Star has sent thousands of Department of Public Safety troopers and Texas National Guard soldiers to the border.


The two-year grant will help cover expenses the county has already allocated.

“At the time, the grant didn’t exist,” Henderson said. “This grant dropped in October. There is a very short window, it expires Nov. 1.”

In a previous article, Henderson said helping southern counties is the right thing to do.

“I support what the governor is trying to do,” he said, noting he has visited the border. “I recognize there is a crisis and there is a need. Our brother and sister agencies need the help.”

At that time, Henderson sent jail staff to help on the border noting the operation would not involve field staff such as patrol officers.

“I am grateful for our local partners in our South Texas and border communities who are willing to work alongside the state to keep Texans safe and secure the border,” Abbott said early this year. “This amended declaration will ensure that resources and support are surged where they are needed most.”

Henderson said his department is no longer responding to the border since the state now is contracting with a vendor to provide the services.

Written by Catherine Dominguez

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