Caldwell pep rally postponed due to tension following students arrest

Caldwell High School students walked out in protest of how the district is allowing four students arrested for felony indecency with a child by exposure on campus
source KBTX

CALDWELL, Texas (KBTX) – Caldwell High School postponed Friday’s pep rally due to rising tensions in the school following the arrest of four students who are accused of indecency with a child by exposure.

About 20 students walked out of the high school Friday and 14 walked out Thursday, according to Caldwell ISD Superintendent Andrew Peters. Students are upset that the four girls who were arrested are back on campus and in class.

The four teenage girls were arrested for undressing a fellow student when their team headed home from a game. Court documents talk about how they targeted the girl and were, “Looking for someone to rape.” It also states teachers were in the front of the bus and one of the girls worked actively to distract them with loud music and singing.

Peters said high school staff made the decision to postpone the pep rally to next Thursday. Students will be off the following Friday for a staff development day. The Burleson County Sheriff’s Office said they are adding security for Friday night’s football game with Caldwell hosting Lorena.


Some of the students said they face suspension after walking out Thursday. Dozens said the four girls accused of undressing a fellow student on a school bus shouldn’t be allowed at school.

“They’re still coming to school. They’re still everything that they can do like nothing happened, but it should like be a big thing because this isn’t right at all,” said Liberty Gable, a Caldwell High School Student.

Jeannette Martinez was among those that left class Thursday and weren’t in school Friday. She said she was given a day of suspension.

“We didn’t do this protest because we wanted just to skip school or anything like that. We did this because this is the only way we will be heard,” said Martinez.

Stormy Lopez has some of her kids in Caldwell schools. They made protest signs and met at a nearby park.

“I think that’s ridiculous for the pep rally to be cancelled because why should they cancel it for four girls? They’re not serving any justice for this little girl. She has to face these girls on a daily basis,” said Lopez.

Student Katy Hardesty knows the victim. While she didn’t walk out of class, she and others did wear teal ribbons to show support.

“I think that they should get what they deserve. Like go through correct punishments that most people would go through,” said Hardesty. “Like these girls walking around, you’re kind of of like how are you supposed to feel safe?,” she said.

For the third day in a row, Caldwell’s Superintendent declined our interview request. He did say students typically can face a day of suspension if they walk out of school.

The Milam County District Attorney’s Office is reviewing the felony case because the incident on the bus happened in their county. Their grand jury next meets November 18.

Written by Adrienne DeMoss and Clay Falls

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