Washington may be sending money to La. to help with violence

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) – Democrat Congressman Troy Carter voted to pass a bill out of the House of Representatives this week that would boost money dedicated to crime prevention groups.

He said the numbers coming out of Louisiana are unacceptable and that Washington needs to step up to lend a hand.

“When it’s all said and done, we want to stop it; it’s wrong and we want to stop it,” said Carter. “And so, Congress acting today and passing this reauthorization is a huge step.”

The Family Violence Prevention and Services Act would increase funding for the state by 41% to almost $3 million. The money would be sent from Washington to the state and from there, trickle its way into local governments.

“Where they can then be distributed to non-profits and agencies that provide resources for battered men and women,” explained Carter.

One non-profit in the Baton Rouge area said it could always use the money for more support and resources.

“We needed it yesterday, not tomorrow, not today; we needed it yesterday,” said Dadrius Lanus, the executive director of 100 Black Men.

The organization’s goal is to help educate and mentor young Black men before they get mixed up with the wrong crowd. They have multiple programs, one being Respect for Life.

“We are now inside of EBR schools talking to our students, having raw uncut conversations because if we don’t understand how they feel when they leave the four walls of their homes or when they leave the four walls of their school where they feel safe and protected, how are we supposed to know what they’re going through on an everyday basis,” asked Lanus.

One of the things Lanus said is most concerning these days is the rise in gang violence.

“Simply put, we’re in a state of emergency,” added Lanus.

Although the bill Carter mentions is more tailored toward domestic violence, he said the money could very well help 100 Black Men’s mission in reducing gang violence also.

“It could, it could; 100 Black Men, like many others, has a broad spectrum of things that they do. And if they have a program within their organization that highlights and specializes in this need, then they would be eligible to seek these resources,” said Carter.

“This is not a singular movement. This is a city-wide movement; this is a city-wide campaign because we understand the problems that we face inside of our city and we are ready to change them,” explained Lanus.

100 Black Men is not the only organization that is out there trying to make a difference. Below is a list of other non-profit organizations you can reach out to for help, advice, and even protection:

  • C-H-A-N-G-E
  • The Bridge Agency
  • The Butterfly Society
  • The BRAVE Program
  • Domestic Abuse Intervention Program
  • Project Safe Neighborhoods
  • The IRIS Center
  • The Family Justice Center

Written by Chris Rosato

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