USW says no new proposals from ExxonMobil in Tuesday contract negotiations

BEAUMONT — United Steelworkers representative Bryan Gross tells KFDM/Fox4 News that ExxonMobil presented no new proposals during contract talks Tuesday. He says the union presented some new things to the company and hopes they’ll work with the USW to negotiate a new contract.

It’s the first time the two sides have met since late September. On October 19, the union rejected the company’s contract offer, saying it fell short in job promotion, seniority, job security and safety. ExxonMobil says the offer is fair and that it needs flexibility from the workforce to remain competitive. The company says it’s not going to make any changes in the offer, and if the union doesn’t approve it by November 1, the company will remove several incentives and elements of the offer, including a $500 bonus for each worker who approves the offer.

Dissatisfied union members circulated a petition to decertify the union, meaning it would no longer represent them. The National Labor Relations Board has checked the signatures and given the go-ahead for a secret ballot decertification election. Ballots will be mailed November 12. They must be turned in by December 22.

Bryan Gross believes the workers will vote against decertifying the union.


“We feel decertification will fail,” said Gross. “Even some who voted for the contract offer October 19, saying they think it’s the best deal they’ll get, tell us they’ll vote against decertification because they still want the union representing them. We think they realize they’re better off with the union than without it, to help represent their interests.”

From USW – The Union and ExxonMobil met today for the first time since the ratification vote. The Company’s bargaining team showed up to the meeting empty handed. They believed their current offer was still on the table. They clamor about giving their people a voice while they ignore the “NO” vote given to them on October 19th by the majority of our membership.

The Company said they were confused on why we were meeting today. They said they were “here to bargain” but they didn’t bring an amended or new proposal. We haven’t seen much good faith bargaining from the Company since we began so we were prepared to give them a new Union proposal.

We made the new offer to the Company which we hope they will evaluate and work with us to end the Unfair Labor Practice Lockout and reach a fair contract for everyone.


USW Leadership

From ExxonMobil – All Represented BMRF/B&P Employees

The NLRB Has Scheduled an Election!


For the past few weeks, the Company has worked with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) on giving you the right to vote. Today, the NLRB’s Regional Director approved an election agreement setting the details for a mail-in secret ballot election to determine if our employees wish to be represented by the USW Local 13-243 (sample ballot card below).

Q: How will the election be conducted (in-person or mail-in ballot)? When will the election start?

The election will be conducted by United States mail. The mail ballots will be mailed to wage employees by the NLRB on Friday, November 12, 2021. You will have the opportunity to vote in secret from your home. No one will know how you vote unless you tell them.

Q: What is the deadline for employees to return their mail-in ballots to the NLRB?

Mail ballots must be returned to the NLRB Regional office by close of business on Wednesday, December 22, 2021.

Q: What should I do if I don’t get a ballot?

If you don’t get a ballot soon after November 12, 2021, you should contact the NLRB regional office to request a new one.

Q: What should I do between now and the date I receive my ballot?

We believe voters should get as much information as possible so you can make an informed choice on whether you want to decertify the Union. Unlike other votes you may have witnessed or heard about involving the Union, the decertification election will be conducted by the NLRB, a government agency whose job is to make sure decertification elections are conducted honestly and in secret. Please make sure your voice is heard – plan to vote and mail your ballot back to the NLRB shortly after you receive it.

Any questions related to the employee led decertification effort can be submitted to Beaumont Area HR Department at

Written by KFDM/FOX4

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