Sleepy truck driver tips over big rig carrying sulfuric acid in Leon County, police say

LEON COUNTY, Texas — A major interstate connecting Houston to Dallas closed this morning after a big rig driver fell asleep and crashed while hauling hazardous materials.

Sgt. Justin Ruiz with the Texas Department of Public Safety said a truck driver for Denver Intermodal Express crashed into a center barrier on Interstate 45 in Leon County and tipped over a box truck carrying about 29,000 pounds of sulfuric acid.

The tipped over 18-wheeler blocked lanes at mile marker 156 on southbound I-45.

No injuries were reported.

Ruiz said first responders cleared the hazard around 11 a.m. without losing any of the corrosive chemical.

Southbound traffic was rerouted to SH 75 while northbound traffic was rerouted to OSR SH 75.

Pullover areas and rest areas in the vicinity were evacuated out of an abundance of caution.

The Bryan Fire Department Hazardous Materials team worked alongside Leona V.F.D.

Written by Trenton Hooker , Anissa Connell

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