City of Buda to Open Area for Holiday Displays

BUDA – The City of Buda has designated an area in the Main Street Greenbelt for individuals or groups to outfit additional holiday displays this year. 

During the Oct. 19 City Council meeting, the Buda City Council deliberated on the subject of holiday displays and offered guidance to provide space in a prominent area to allow citizens to put up their own displays. Opening the highly visible Main Street Greenbelt for additional holiday displays is a way to honor the diversity of Buda’s residents and to facilitate having a festive and inclusive holiday environment. 

“Anyone who wants to erect a display in this designated area will complete a simple application that generally gives the City contact information, a description of the display and when access to the display space is needed,” Buda Parks Director Greg Olmer explained.

“The application will be available through the City’s website soon because we want people to be able to begin accessing the display space as soon as Monday, Nov. 15, 2021.”  

Questions related to the application process or reserving time to access the space may be directed to Recreation Program Coordinator Shelby Fletcher in the Parks Department at 512-523-1081. Please follow Buda social media or check the front page of the City of Buda’s website for updates. 

The City of Buda is home to about 18,000 residents and has earned designations as a “Texas Main Street City,” “Tree City USA,” “Bee City Affiliate” and “Platinum-Level Scenic City.” Buda is situated along the Interstate 35 corridor, has 14 parks and a historic downtown district where residents and visitors alike can shop, dine, relax, and breathe easy here.

Written by Corridor News

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