Investigation continues into what sickened Montgomery County jail staff

Fire engines can be seen Friday afternoon outside the Montgomery County Jail where HazMat were reportedly also present.

Montgomery County authorities are still investigating what caused some Montgomery County Sheriff’s personnel to feel sick on a recent afternoon at the county jail.

During the Oct. 15 incident that drew fire engines and HazMat responders to the Conroe jail, at least four sheriff’s employees were affected, sheriff’s spokesman Lt. Scott Spencer told The Courier last week. Their symptoms were dizziness and lightheadedness and some were checked at the hospital, Spencer said.

All are in the clear now, he added

“Everybody’s good, out, at home or back at work,” he said.

Air and blood tests are being conducted, Spencer noted.

“Right now they’re trying to figure out what it was that made the employees sick,” he said. “Trying to figure out what exactly it was — if it was something in the building or if it was something introduced into the building.”

Written by Jose R. Gonzalez

Categories: Community, Health

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