15-year-old who suffered serious brain injury during JV football game taken off ventilator, opens eyes briefly

Several posts can be found on social media offering prayers for the teen and his family.

PORT NECHES, Texas — The mother of a 15-year-old high school football player who suffered a serious brain injury during a Thursday night JV game said his condition is slowly but surely improving.

Noah Jackson is at the Texas Children’s Hospital receiving treatment after being placed in a medically induced coma.

Jackson’s mother, Kim Borne, took to Facebook Monday saying, “He opened those baby blues twice today!!! Praise god! It was brief but beautiful!! Gave us several thumbs up and last one was a strong one.”

Borne also said Jackson was taken off the ventilator, and his cervical collar and electroencephalogram were removed.

On Sunday, members of the Port Neches community, including Jackson’s family, friends, coaches and teammates, gathered at the Riverfront Park to uplift the injured teen in their thoughts and prayers.

Those in attendance said that even though they never expected something like this to happen, they have confidence that Jackson will come out of the ordeal stronger than ever.


The Port Neches-Groves junior varsity football player is being treated in the Houston hospital after suffering a brain injury during a game against Kingwood Park High School’s JV team. 

Jackson, who is a sophomore, was taken by helicopter to Texas Children’s on Thursday night, Borne, told 12News.

The next day, several posts could be found on social media offering prayers for the teen and his family.

“I would like to sincerely thank everyone in our communities for the love, support and prayers. We can feel your prayers, and they are greatly appreciated,” Borne, told 12News on Friday morning.

“Noah’s first love is football, from the time he could say the word,” she said. 

“This is going to be a new journey for all of us. God is in control. I trust and have faith that He will see us through. Thank you, again, and remember to keep those prayers going,” Borne said via Facebook messenger.

Anyone who would like to donate can Venmo Kim-Jackson-242.

Borne has been giving updates about Jacksons’ condition on a public Facebook page created for her son, Prayers for Noah.

Written by Scott Eslinger (12NewsNow)

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