Kirbyville house gutted in Monday afternoon blaze

Kirbyville and Tri-Community firefighters battled the blaze at 103 W Main St in Kirbyville

A wood structure home in Kirbyville was destroyed by fire Monday afternoon.It appeared that the fire started in the kitchen area and spread quickly into the attic and throughout the home.

The home located at 1003 West Main is owned by Mike Sundgren of Silsbee. He is renting the home to Carol Adaway who is also known as Mama Red.

Adaway was away on a cruise and had a house sitter watching the home and her three dogs at the time of the fire. The house sitter, Patricia Lloyd was asleep in the bedroom at the time the fire started. She says she heard something explode. (It could have been something falling). According to Adaway this sounded like a boom followed by a buzzing noise.

She gathered a few things and a couple of dogs and headed out of the house. When she went through the kitchen the back door to the kitchen was on fire. At least two of the dogs were evacuated from the house. Firemen reported that they had been looking for the third dog but had not found it at the time. They also stated that the boom could have been part of the ceiling falling because it was down in most of the house.

Fire Chief Greg Ellis stated that they would contact an investigator but he doubted that they would be able to get one to the scene. Ellis stated that the Kirbyville Fire Department was assisted by the Trout Creek and Tri Community Fire Departments in battling the blaze.

Written by Danny Reneau

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