Two houses catch fire on adjacent streets

Fire on Rose Street.
source KPLC

Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) – Early Sunday morning, the Lake Charles Fire Department responded to house fires on Rose Street and Tulip Street, in neighboring blocks.

“I heard a big boom,” witness Braylen Leday said. “The house was blazing, blazing on fire.”

“One of the firefighters confirmed that,” Lake Charles Fire Prevention Caption Brandon Spooner said. “That something blew up inside the carport, which once again could have been aerosol can or a propane tank.”

Both homes are owned by the same family and were vacant, according to LCFD.

Firefighters heard an explosion in the house on Rose Street, but the cause is currently unknown.

Investigators say one of the homes was set on fire intentionally.

“One was previously set on fire intentionally – that’s the one that burned down that’s on Rose Street,” Captain Spooner said. “There was nobody in the houses at that time. They are both houses that are tied together through the people that own them – one family.”

Authorities are speaking with that family to determine a root cause of the fire and investigating the scene while embers continue to glow. Investigators say they’ve ruled out insurance fraud as a cause of the fire. Right now, LCFD has labeled it under “suspicious circumstances.”

The investigation is ongoing.

Written by Amanda Johnson and Jennifer Lott

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