Texas lawmaker files resolution to recognize man who found missing Grimes County toddler

Cecil Bell
source Eric Gay

AUSTIN, Texas (KBTX) – District 3 State Representative Cecil Bell has filed a resolution in the Texas State House to honor Tim Haflin, the man that found a missing Grimes County three-year-old.

Haflin found Christopher Saturday, Oct. 9, four days after the toddler walked away from his parents. He decided to search for the young boy after learning of his disappearance at a bible study the night before. Haflin said he was inspired by God to look for the boy.

The resolution, that has yet to be read in the House, recognizes Halfin for his efforts in the search.

“By taking part in the search for Christopher Ramirez, Tim Halfin helped avert what could have been a terrible tragedy, and his actions have earned the profound gratitude of his fellow Texans,” according to House Resolution 87S3 1483.

For Rep. Bell, Haflin is a hometown hero and it was an honor to file the resolution.

“It’s my honor to file House Resolution 87S3 1483 which recognizes Tim Halfin for his personal effort in successfully finding 3-year-old Christopher Ramirez. Although far from where the organized searches continued, led by his knowledge of the area and his faith, Mr. Halfin went where he was led and rescued young Christopher. He is indeed a hometown hero,” said Bell.

Bell tells KBTX’s Fallon Appleton he expects the resolution to be heard on Monday.

Written by Fallon Appleton

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