Management of an apartment complex reported Wednesday that nearly $50,000 worth of outside air conditioning units had been stolen from vacant apartments.

Orange Police Detective Captain Robert Enmon said the Sabine Park Apartments reported 17 units were missing. Each is valued at $2,800, for a total of $47,600. He said no one knows the timeline of when the air conditioners were stolen, or if they were stolen individually over time.

Captain Enmon said the Mayfair Management Group was conducting an inventory of the property and noted the missing units.

The complex of one and two-story duplexes is at 111 Pine Avenue off Simmons Drive. It was originally built as Gilmer Homes during the World War II era.

The company called police about noon Wednesday to report the thefts. Captain Enmon said company did not want to pursue charges, but wanted to file a report for insurance.

Last week, two outside air conditioner units were stolen from the Linkwood Apartments on Link Avenue off 16th Street.

Orange County has had widespread air conditioner thefts since summer.

Written by Margaret Toal

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