Waco Police: Man injured in weekend shooting, off-duty officer tries to stop shooting suspect

MART, Texas — An unnamed man was hospitalized with multiple gunshot wounds Sunday morning, according to Waco Police. 

The shooting happened near the 1200 Block of Speight Avenue around 1:55 a.m., according to a news release. 

Officials say an off-duty officer tried to step in and stop the shooting suspect from fleeing the scene after the initial shooting took place.

According to the news release, the incident began with an argument between an unnamed man and woman, leading the victim, another male, to join the argument. 

Officials say the victim was punched and knocked to the ground. When he got back up and began walking toward the suspect, the suspect pulled out a gun, fired it in the air and at victim. 

Per the news release, the off-duty Mart police officer was working a security job when he heard the shooting. He saw the suspect fire and hit the victim, according the officials. 

Officials say the suspect got into this vehicle and the off-duty police officer tried to detain the suspect. 

According to police, the suspect drove toward the off-duty officer and the officer shot at the vehicle. Police are unaware if the suspect was hit. 

The suspect drove off, per the news release.

Officials say the victim was taken to the hospital for his injuries, he was alert and conscious the whole time and underwent surgery. His condition is unknown at this time. 

No other information has been released at this time.

Written by BriShon Mitchell

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