On Thursday, October 7, 2021, a Liberty County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Interdiction was working US-59 in Cleveland. One of the deputies had parked an unmarked county vehicle in the protected median area so that he could work with another interdiction deputy as a two-man unit.

Later in the day, deputies passed by the unmarked unit and noticed an unknown vehicle parked directly next to the unmarked county vehicle. They checked on the vehicle.

When the deputies contacted the subject, he was recognized as a well-known person to the Interdiction Unit. He is identified as Robert Lane Kirkland 3-22-1982 of Votaw.

It was discovered that Kirkland had cut off one of the catalytic convertors from the county vehicle and was in the process of cutting off the second one when his electric saw battery died. Kirkland then got back inside his vehicle to charge the battery. Kirkland was arrested for the Theft of Metals which is a new law as of September that Governor Greg Abbot recently passed making it a Felony 3 to steal catalytic convertors.

Kirkland was also found to have an outstanding bond forfeiture out of Liberty County for a previous drug charge. He was transported to the Liberty County Jail without incident.

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